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Tongji University Shanghai: Partner of MedoPolo Programs

Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the authority of Ministry of Education in China. The history of the university dates back to 1907 when the German doctor Erich Paulon, funded in parts by Germany, established the “Tongji German Medical School” in Shanghai. It was officially accepted as a University in 1923 and became a National University in 1927. 

Since its foundation, the University has grown to be recognized, both at home and abroad, as a comprehensive University incorporating its five different schools: The School of Science, the School of Engineering, the Medical School, the School of Liberal Arts and the Law School. Today, Tongji University has more than 20 specialized colleges in total, offering 82 undergraduate programs, 217 Master degree programs, and 89 PhD programs. There are 13 postdoctoral research centers and 10 state key disciplines at the University. 

The University has more than 50.000 students enrolled and has about 4.200 teaching and research staff, amongst them are 718 professors and researchers. Tongji University has 1.499 associate professors and associate researchers in addition.

The University actively promotes international ties to foreign academic institutions and universities and has become an important window for China’s international exchange in education, culture, and technology. It has established substantial cooperations with institutions in Germany, France, U.K., USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Austria and South Korea in the fields of education, science, technology and economics. 

Tongji University has 5 separate campuses that are spread throughout the city of Shanghai. Its primary campus, Siping campus, is located in central Shanghai and is home to the Universitie’s administrative body and many of the Universities colleges, including the School of Medicine. Additional information about Tongji University is available at our Important Links China.

About the School of Medicine Tongji University (TUSM)

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Medicine is the key discipline of Tongji University. TUSM offers a wide range of degree programs, including the Bachelor of Clinical Medicine Program, the Master of Medicine and Science Program, and the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and PhD Program. The medical school is committed to offer the best medical education in China and its graduates are internationally competitive medical professionals with a global outlook and innovative thinking. 

TUSM offers a five-year long Chinese-taught undergraduate program for the Bachelor of Clinical Medicine Degree, a six-year long English-taught undergraduate program for the ‘Bachelor of Medicine’ and ‘Bachelor of Surgery Degree’ (MBBS), an eight year-long graduate program for the ‘Master of Medicine’ Degree, and an nine-year long doctoral (‘MD’) program. Additionally, it offers several programs for medical professional education and a multitude of graduate programs for scientific research. Tongji University awards its students with the Bachelor (BA), Master (MA) , and Medical Doctor (MD) degrees in the medical sciences. 

Tongji School of Medicine has seven affiliated hospitals, namely the Tongji Hospital, the Shanghai 10th People’s Hospital, the Shanghai East Hospital, the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, and the Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Health Hospital, the Shanghai Yangpu Hospital and the Shanghai Yangzhi Rehabilitation Hospital. Additional information about Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM) is available at their official home page listed in our Important Links China.

Scientific Exchange

Research at Tongji University

The University is currently implementing a Scientific Exchange Program for International students. The broad range of research fields offer international students to join one of our research projects for a predefined time-duration or hand in a proposal for a joint-research connected to their own projects. For research work, the university offers cutting-edge laboratory spaces and a staff of professional laboratory technicians to aid domestic and international scientists.

The major research fields of Tongji University include the study of stem-cell centered models, cardiovascular diseases, brain and spinal cord diseases as well as cancer.

Opportunities for scientific research projects in Shanghai: Please contact us if you are interested on finding a suitable research project by handing in a two-page description of your current research work and/or making a suggestion of how you would envision a joint research. If you plan on joining one of Tongjis existing research projects, please inquire with us and make sure to give us a clear idea about what interests you are having. We will contact you with current research projects at Tongji University that may be fitting and get you in touch with the fitting contacts at Tongji University School of Medicine.